CommandPopupMenu<T>.GetDXMenuItemById(DXPopupMenu, T, Boolean) Method

Searches for a menu item specified by its ID within a specified menu object.

Namespace: DevExpress.Utils.Menu

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v20.2.dll


public static DXMenuItem GetDXMenuItemById(
    DXPopupMenu menu,
    T id,
    bool recursive
Public Shared Function GetDXMenuItemById(
    menu As DXPopupMenu,
    id As T,
    recursive As Boolean
) As DXMenuItem


Name Type Description
menu DXPopupMenu

A DXPopupMenu object that is the menu from which a search starts.

id T

An integer that is the position of the menu item within the menu object.

recursive Boolean

true, to search nested menus recursively; otherwise, false.


Type Description

A DXMenuItem object if the menu with a specified identifier is found; otherwise null (or Nothing in Visual Basic)


The GetDXMenuItemById method searches for a menu specified by its identifier. A search is performed in the root menu object only if the recursive parameter is false. If it is set to true, then the search proceeds to lower levels recursively.

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