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End-User Capabilities: Expanding and Collapsing Rows and Cards

Expand/Collapse Group Rows in Grid Views

Do one of the following to expand/collapse a group row.

  • Click the row’s expand button.


  • Double-click the group row.
  • Double-click the indicator cell corresponding to the group row.


  • Focus the group row and press ‘+’ (to expand the row) or ‘-‘ (to collapse the row).
  • Focus the group row and press RIGHT ARROW (to expand the row) or LEFT ARROW (to collapse the row).

To expand or collapse all group rows, right-click the group panel at the top of the control. This opens the group panel context menu. Then select Full Expand or Full Collapse respectively.


Expand/Collapse Master Rows in Grid Views

To expand/collapse a master row, do one of the following.

  • Click the master row’s expand button.


  • Double-click the indicator cell corresponding to the master row.


  • Focus the master row and press CTRL+’+’ (to expand the row) or CTRL+’-‘ (to collapse the row).

Expand/Collapse Cards in Card and Layout Views

Do one of the following:

  • Click a card’s Expand button.


  • Click a card’s caption and press ‘+’ (to expand the card) or ‘-‘ (t collapse the card).
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