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Card Caption

The Card caption is a non-editable region at the top of a card that can display custom information for each record. As a rule, a card caption represents a card’s ordinal number or card field value. However, you can custom draw the caption to display arbitrary data. Expand buttons displayed within card captions allow end-users to expand and collapse individual cards.




The following table lists the main properties that affect element appearance.


The CardViewAppearances.FocusedCardCaption and CardViewAppearances.CardCaption properties provide appearance settings depending upon whether or not the card is focused.

Custom Draw Event



The pattern string displayed within a caption is specified by the CardView.CardCaptionFormat property. To get the actual text, use the CardView.GetCardCaption method.

The CardView.CustomCardCaptionImage event can be handled to display custom images within the captions of cards.



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