Data Binding Common Concepts

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In this section you will find general information on data binding. Data-aware DevExpress .NET controls use the common data binding mechanism that is provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework. They are compatible with any data access technology (ADO.NET, Entity Framework, XPO, etc.) and capable to display data from any data source that implements the IList, IBindingList, or ITypedList interface. If you are familiar with the data-binding model in .NET, you can skip the corresponding documents and read the topics that are specific only to DevExpress .NET controls.

Note that the topics that describe the data binding mechanism do not cover all the issues. Please see MSDN for more information.


DevExpress data-aware controls show data from their sources as is. If you need to filter or sort records, or merge multiple data sources into one, do that at the data source level before you bind a data-aware control to this source.


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