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BackstageViewControl Class

The MS Office style full-screen menu.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Ribbon

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Ribbon.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Ribbon


public class BackstageViewControl :

The following members return BackstageViewControl objects:


When your application uses Ribbon Control, you can add one of the following application menus to your application:

  • The Application Menu is the Windows Explorer style popup menu.
  • The Backstage View is the MS Office style full-screen menu.

Ribbon - BackstageView

Run Demo: Ribbon UI

Create a Backstage View

The following code sample adds a Backstage View to a RibbonControl:

<dx:ThemedWindow ...
  xmlns:dxr="" >
  <dxr:RibbonControl RibbonStyle="Office2019">
          <dxr:BackstageButtonItem Content="New" Glyph="{dx:SvgImageSource Uri='pack://application:,,,/DevExpress.Images.v24.1;component/SvgImages/Actions/New.svg', Size='16,16'}"/>
          <dxr:BackstageButtonItem Content="Open"/>
          <dxr:BackstageSeparatorItem  />
          <dxr:BackstageTabItem Content="Settings">
              <StackPanel Margin="10,5,0,0">
                <Label Content="Ribbon style:" FontSize="16" FontWeight="Bold"/>
                <RadioButton Content="Office 2007" />
                <RadioButton Content="Office 2010" />
                <RadioButton Content="Office 2019" />
          <dxr:BackstageButtonItem Content="Close" Placement="Bottom"/>
  <!-- ... -->
  <!-- ... -->

BackstageViewControl - Overview sample

Backstage View Visual Structure

The Backstage View includes two areas:

Name Position in the Backstage View Description
Item area At the left Contains all backstage items.
Control pane area At the right Displays the selected tab item’s content.

Item Area’s Child Objects

A BackstageViewControl can contain the following child objects:

Access Child Tabs

You can use the read-only BackstageViewControl.Tabs list to access all the existing BackstageViewControl‘s tab items.

Customize a Backstage View

Property Description
BackgroundGlyph Gets or sets the image displayed at the BackstageViewControl‘s right bottom corner.
TabPaneMinWidth Gets or sets the Item area pane‘s minimum width.
RibbonStyle Gets or sets the BackstageViewControl‘s paint style.
BackgroundStyle Gets or sets the BackstageViewControl‘s background style.
CloseButtonVisibility Gets or sets whether the button that closes the control is visible.
IsFullScreen Gets or sets whether the BackstageViewControl occupies the entire client area of the application window. This is a dependency property.


The Backstage View supports key tips navigation. Refer to the Key Tips topic for more information.

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