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Arc Scale

An Arc Scale is the main visual element of a Circular Gauge, because it contains all other elements (e.g. Needle, Marker, Custom Labels, etc.).

A Circular Gauge can contain either a single or multiple Arc Scales. If there is more than one scale in a gauge, then they can be arranged either one into another…

Circular Gauge_Scale

… or side-by-side.

Circular Gauge_Two scale

For more information on an Arc Scale, refer to the Scales document.

The table below lists the main properties affecting element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Basic Scale.StartValue,Scale.EndValue,ArcScale.StartAngle,ArcScale.EndAngle,Scale.MajorIntervalCount,Scale.MinorIntervalCount
Layout Width,Height,ArcScale.LayoutMode
Elements ArcScale.Needles, ArcScale.Markers, ArcScale.RangeBars, ArcScale.Ranges, Scale.CustomLabels, ArcScale.Layers
Behaviour Scale.ShowLine, Scale.ShowLabels, ArcScale.ShowSpindleCap, Scale.ShowMajorTickmarks, Scale.ShowMinorTickmarks
Appearance CircularGaugeControl.Model, ArcScale.LinePresentation, Scale.LabelPresentation, ArcScale.SpindleCapPresentation, Scale.TickmarksPresentation
Options ArcScale.LabelOptions, Scale.LineOptions, ArcScale.SpindleCapOptions, Scale.MajorTickmarkOptions, Scale.MinorTickmarkOptions