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Themes allow you to specify an individual gauge’s and/or the entire window’s appearance. The following gauges support themes:


Applying a Theme

DevExpress WPF themes only affect on gauge appearance when a gauge uses a themeable model. For this, assign a CircularThemeableModel object to the CircularGaugeControl.Model property to apply the theme to the Circular gauge. To apply themes to the Linear gauge, assign a LinearThemeableModel object to the LinearGaugeControl.Model property. Then, you can use ThemeManager to set a specific theme to all the elements in the application’s window or a separate control. For this, specify the required theme’s name using the ThemeManager.ThemeName option.

The following markup shows how to apply the DXStyle theme to the entire window:

<ThemedWindow ...
    <dxga:CircularGaugeControl Name="circularGauge">

    <dxga:LinearGaugeControl Name="linearGauge">

The following classes and properties allow you to apply themes to gauges:

Class or property Description
CircularGaugeControl.Model Gets or sets a model for the circular gauge control that is used to draw its elements.
LinearGaugeControl.Model Gets or sets a model for the linear gauge control that is used to draw its elements.
CircularThemeableModel The model that allows a circular gauge to use themes.
LinearThemeableModel The model that allows a linear gauge to use themes.
ThemedWindow A window that supports DevExpress WPF themes and Ribbon / Tab control integration.
ThemeManager Represents a theme manager, allowing you to apply themes.
ThemeManager.ThemeName Gets or sets the theme’s name. This is a dependency property.

Predefined Themes

The following table lists themes you can apply to gauges using the Theme Manager:

Theme name Image
VS2017Light theme-VS2017Light
VS2017Blue theme-VS2017Blue
VS2017Dark theme-VS2017Dark
Office2016White theme-Office2016White
Office2016Black theme-Office2016Black
Office2016Colorful theme-Office2016Colorful
Office2016WhiteSE theme-Office2016WhiteSE
Office2016DarkGraySE theme-Office2016DarkGraySE
Office2016ColorfulSE theme-Office2016ColorfulSE
Office2016BlackSE theme-Office2016BlackSE
DXStyle theme-DXStyle
LightGray theme-LightGray
MetropolisDark theme-MetropolisDark
MetropolisLight theme-MetropolisLight
Office2007Black Office2007Black
Office2007Blue theme-Office2007Blue
Office2007Silver theme-Office2007Silver
Office2010Black theme-Office2010Black
Office2010Blue theme-Office2010Blue
Office2010Silver theme-Office2010Silver
Office2013 theme-Office2013
Office2013DarkGray theme-Office2013DarkGray
Office2013LightGray theme-Office2013LightGray
Seven theme-Seven
VS2010 theme-VS2010
TouchlineDark theme-TouchlineDark

Refer to List of DevExpress WPF Themes to get more information about each theme.

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