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Data Editing and Validation

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Edit Data in the Gantt Area

The Interactive Editing article explains how to edit data in the Gantt Area.

Edit Data in the Treelist Area

The Treelist Area uses the TreeListControl functionality. Refer to the Data Editing and Validation topic for information on how to edit data.

Since Gantt Columns are ColumnBase descendants, you can use techniques described in the following help topic to format cell values: Format Cell Values.

Edit Resources

Users can edit resources in the Treelist Area. They should invoke an editor and check resources they want to assign to a task. They also can change the percentage of time a resource spends on a task.

Automatic Scheduling

The GanttControl can recalculate and update dependent tasks and summaries when a user modifies a task.

Forward Scheduling

Backward Scheduling


API Description
GanttView.AllowSchedulingOnEditing If enabled, the GanttControl re-schedules tasks after each change.
GanttView.ScheduleMode A schedule mode (Forward or Backward) that specifies how the GanttControl recalculates task properties.
GanttView.ScheduleTask / GanttView.ScheduleDependentTasks Call these methods to re-schedule tasks on demand if the GanttView.AllowSchedulingOnEditing property is false.
GanttView.ScheduleAll Call this method to re-schedule all Gantt tasks.
GanttView.TasksScheduled This event allows you to rollback changes if they create invalid links.
GanttView.DeleteTask Use this method to delete a task and re-schedule the affected tasks.

If a task that a user changed conflicts with defined dependencies, the GanttControl marks these dependencies as invalid. Refer to the Validation topic for more information.

Data Edit Requirements

The GanttControl retrieves its data from an external source. Users can edit Gantt tasks only when the related data fields are editable. If a data field is read-only, runtime edit operations that affect this field are disabled.

Edit Operation Affected Properties and Their Data Fields
Move tasks StartDate, FinishDate
Resize tasks Duration, FinishDate
Change a task progress Progress
Create, edit, and remove task connectors StartDate and FinishDate of a successor task

Validate Data

The Validation article explains how to validate data.