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Layer is a visual element that contains different objects (e.g. images) to define a visual presentation of a DigitalGaugeControl and its elements.

When a new layer is added to the Digital Gauge control, it is painted behind all other gauge elements. This is because the LayerOptions.ZIndex property is set to -100 by default. If you want to bring this layer to the front, set the ZIndex property to a greater value.

The images below show two layers that were added to the gauges of the SevenSegmentsView and MatrixView8x14 types. The first layer defines a gauge background, while the second layer is painted in the foreground.



The following table lists the main properties affecting element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Availability DigitalGaugeControl.Layers
Visibility LayerBase.Visible
Size SymbolViewBase.Width,SymbolViewBase.Height
Appearance DigitalGaugeControl.Model,DigitalGaugeLayer.Presentation,Foreground,Background
Behaviour GaugeLayerBase.Options