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A Symbol is a visual element that represents some information on the Digital Gauge control. This information may contain digits, characters or any graphics that can be represented on LED devices.

Any symbol can be divided into one or more parts, depending on its size. These parts can be either segments or matrix cells. To display a symbol on the digital gauge Symbols Panel, use the DigitalGaugeControl.Text property.

Symbol appearance depends on the symbols panel type. The following images show symbols at different panels.

  • A SevenSegmentsView type has 7 main and 4 additional segments that can be used to display a symbol.


  • A FourteenSegmentsView type contains 14 main and 4 additional segments.


  • A MatrixView5x8 type contains 5 horizontal and 8 vertical matrix cells for each symbol.


  • A MatrixView8x14 type is represented by 8 horizontal and 14 vertical matrix cells for each symbol.


A digital gauge also provides custom symbol representation. It can be useful when the symbols panel doesn’t display characters by default. For instance, the SevenSegmentsView panel. It does not have enough segments to display all text. But it is possible to set some of the custom symbols using the SymbolSegmentsMapping.SegmentsStates property. For more information on how it can be done, see the How to: Use Custom Symbol Mapping in the Digital Gauge Control example.

The table below lists the main properties that affect element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Main DigitalGaugeControl.SymbolView,DigitalGaugeControl.Text
Appearance DigitalGaugeControl.Model,SevenSegmentsView.Presentation,FourteenSegmentsView.Presentation,MatrixView5x8.Presentation,MatrixView8x14.Presentation,SymbolViewBase.CustomSymbolMapping
Size SymbolViewBase.Width,SymbolViewBase.Height
Layout DigitalGaugeControl.TextHorizontalAlignment,DigitalGaugeControl.TextVerticalAlignment, DigitalGaugeControl.TextDirection,SymbolViewBase.Options
Interactivity SymbolViewBase.Animation,GaugeControlBase.EnableAnimation