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Matrix Cell

A Matrix Cell is an element of a two-dimensional array that is used to display characters, digits, images, etc.

A DigitalGaugeControl provides two matrix types - MatrixView5x8 and MatrixView8x14, which are shown below.



To display one or several Symbols on matrix cells, you need to specify the DigitalGaugeControl.Text property value.

Matrix cells can also display an image or any custom symbol. To provide this, use the SymbolSegmentsMapping.SegmentsStates property. If you want to learn more on how it can be done, refer to the How to: Use Custom Symbol Mapping in the Digital Gauge Control example.

The table below lists the main properties that affect element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Main SymbolSegmentsMapping.SegmentsStates
Data DigitalGaugeControl.Text,DigitalGaugeControl.SymbolCount
Interactivity SymbolViewBase.Animation,GaugeControlBase.EnableAnimation
Appearance SymbolViewBase.CustomSymbolMapping,SymbolSegmentsMapping.Symbol,SymbolSegmentsMapping.SymbolType,MatrixView5x8.Presentation,MatrixView8x14.Presentation
Size SymbolViewBase.Width,SymbolViewBase.Height
Layout SymbolOptions.SkewAngleX,SymbolOptions.SkewAngleY,SymbolOptions.Margin,DigitalGaugeControl.TextDirection