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SparklineGroupCollection Methods

A collection of the SparklineGroup objects in a worksheet.

Name Description
Add(CellRange, CellRange, SparklineGroupType)

Creates a sparkline group of the specified type and adds it to the collection.

Add(IList<Sparkline>, SparklineGroupType)

Creates a new sparkline group from the existing sparklines and returns the SparklineGroup object.


Removes all sparkline groups from the collection.


Indicates whether the collection contains the specified sparkline group.

CopyTo(Array, Int32) Copies the elements of the ICollection to an Array, starting at a particular Array index.
(Inherited from ICollection)
GetEnumerator() Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
(Inherited from IEnumerable<T>)

Returns a SparklineGroup object that occupies the specified cell.


Returns the sparkline groups located in the specified cell range.


Returns the index of the specified sparkline group in the collection.


Removes the specified sparkline group from the collection.


Removes a sparkline group at the specified index from the collection.

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