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ExpressionConditionalFormatting Properties

Represents a conditional formatting rule that uses a relational operator to determine which cells to format.

Name Description

Gets or sets a relational operator used in the conditional formatting rule.


Provides access to a set of formatting properties applied to cells when the condition of the conditional formatting rule is true.

(Inherited from ISupportsFormatting)

Specifies the priority of the conditional formatting rule.

(Inherited from ConditionalFormatting)

Gets or sets the range of cells to which the conditional formatting rule is applied.

(Inherited from ConditionalFormatting)

Obsolete. Gets or sets a collection of ranges, to which the conditional format is applied.

(Inherited from ConditionalFormatting)

Specifies whether the rules with lower priority can be applied.

(Inherited from ConditionalFormatting)

Gets or sets a threshold value used in the conditional formatting rule.

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