AppointmentStorageBase.CreateAppointment(AppointmentType, DateTime, DateTime, String) Method

Creates an appointment of the specified type with the specified start time, end time and a subject.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraScheduler

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v20.2.Core.Desktop.dll


public Appointment CreateAppointment(
    AppointmentType type,
    DateTime start,
    DateTime end,
    string subject
Public Function CreateAppointment(
    type As AppointmentType,
    start As Date,
    end As Date,
    subject As String
) As Appointment


Name Type Description
type AppointmentType

An AppointmentType enumeration value specifying the type of the created appointment.

start DateTime

A DateTime object specifying the appointment start - the value of the Appointment.Start property.

end DateTime

A DateTime object specifying the appointment end - the value of the Appointment.End property.

subject String

A string that is the appointment's subject - the value of the Appointment.Subject property.


Type Description

A newly created Appointment object.


Use the CreateAppointment method to create an appointment. The method is equivalent to the SchedulerStorageBase.CreateAppointment method.

Subsequently use the AppointmentStorageBase.Add method to add a newly created appointment to the storage.

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