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HtmlExportOptionsBase Properties

Represents the base class for objects which define export options specific to HTML and MHT formats.
Name Description
AllowURLsWithJSContent Gets or sets whether the JavaScript code can be placed in URLs in the resulting HTML document.
CharacterSet Gets or sets the encoding name used when exporting a document to HTML.
EmbedImagesInHTML Specifies whether or not images are embedded in HTML content.
ExportMode Gets or sets a value indicating how a document is exported to HTML.
ExportWatermarks Specifies whether to export watermarks to HTML along with the rest of the document content.
InlineCss Specifies whether the style properties are written to the <head> section of an HTML document, or they are defined at the same place where a specific style is assigned in a document.
PageBorderColor Gets or sets the color of page borders when a document is exported to HTML page-by-page.
PageBorderWidth Gets or sets the width (in pixels) of page borders when a document is exported to HTML page-by-page.
PageRange Gets or sets the range of pages to be exported.
RasterizationResolution Specifies the resolution (in DPI) used to rasterize vector images on export to the corresponding document format. Inherited from PageByPageExportOptionsBase.
RemoveSecondarySymbols Gets or sets a value indicating whether secondary symbols should be removed from the resulting HTML file, to reduce its size.
TableLayout Determines whether to use the table or non-table layout in the resulting HTML file.
Title Gets or sets a title of the created HTML file
UseHRefHyperlinks Specifies whether or not the document navigation is implemented by using scripts.
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