IXlSheet.CreateColumn(Int32) Method

Creates a new column in the worksheet with the specified index.

Namespace: DevExpress.Export.Xl

Assembly: DevExpress.Printing.v21.2.Core.dll


IXlColumn CreateColumn(
    int columnIndex


Name Type Description
columnIndex Int32

An integer specifying the zero-based index of the created column. If it is negative or exceeds the last available index, an exception is raised.


Type Description

An IXlColumn object that is the newly created column.


Columns in a worksheet should be created prior to rows and cells. If you try to create a column after or during the row generation, an InvalidOperationException exception will be thrown.


The example below demonstrates how to create and modify a column in a worksheet. To do this, use the IXlSheet.CreateColumn method. To specify where a created column should be located in a worksheet, pass a zero-based column index to the method as a parameter.

// Create a new worksheet.
using (IXlSheet sheet = document.CreateSheet())
    // Create the column "A" and set its width to 100 pixels.
    using (IXlColumn column = sheet.CreateColumn())
        column.WidthInPixels = 100;

    // Create the column D and set its width to 24.5 characters.
    using (IXlColumn column = sheet.CreateColumn(3))
        column.WidthInCharacters = 24.5f;

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