IXlTableColumn Interface

Represents a single column in a table.

Namespace: DevExpress.Export.Xl

Assembly: DevExpress.Printing.v21.2.Core.dll


public interface IXlTableColumn


The IXlTableColumn objects are stored in the IXlTableColumnCollection collection that is available using the IXlTable.Columns property. You can access an individual table column by its name or index from the collection. An IXlTableColumn object provides a set of properties to modify a table column. For example, use the IXlTableColumn.DataFormatting and IXlTableColumn.TotalRowFormatting properties to format the data area or total row cell of the table column. Use the TableColumn.TotalRowFunction and TableColumn.TotalRowLabel properties to specify how the column total should be calculated. Use the IXlTableColumn.SetFormula methods to create a calculated column within the table.


IXlTable table;
// Specify an array containing column headings for a table.
string[] columnNames = new string[] { "Product", "Category", "Amount" };

// Create the first row in the worksheet from which the table starts.
using (IXlRow row = sheet.CreateRow())
    // Start generating the table with a header row displayed.
    table = row.BeginTable(columnNames, true);
    // Specify the total row label.
    table.Columns[0].TotalRowLabel = "Total";
    // Specify the function to calculate the total.
    table.Columns[2].TotalRowFunction = XlTotalRowFunction.Sum;
    // Specify the number format for the "Amount" column and its total cell.
    XlNumberFormat accounting = @"_([$$-409]* #,##0.00_);_([$$-409]* \(#,##0.00\);_([$$-409]* ""-""??_);_(@_)";
    table.Columns[2].DataFormatting = accounting;
    table.Columns[2].TotalRowFormatting = accounting;

// Generate table rows and populate them with data.
using (IXlRow row = sheet.CreateRow())
    row.BulkCells(new object[] { "Camembert Pierrot", "Dairy Products", 17000 }, null);
using (IXlRow row = sheet.CreateRow())
    row.BulkCells(new object[] { "Gnocchi di nonna Alice", "Grains/Cereals", 15500 }, null);
using (IXlRow row = sheet.CreateRow())
    row.BulkCells(new object[] { "Mascarpone Fabioli", "Dairy Products", 15000 }, null);
using (IXlRow row = sheet.CreateRow())
    row.BulkCells(new object[] { "Ravioli Angelo", "Grains/Cereals", 12500 }, null);

// Create the total row and finish the table.
using (IXlRow row = sheet.CreateRow())
    row.EndTable(table, true);
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