ASPxClientDockZone.GetPanelByVisibleIndex(visibleIndex) Method

Returns a panel specified by its visible index.


    visibleIndex: number
): ASPxClientDockPanel


Name Type Description
visibleIndex number

An integer value specifying the panel’s position among the visible panels within the current zone.


Type Description

An ASPxClientDockPanel object that is the panel with the specified visible index.


An ASPxDockZone control’s client-side functionality allows an individual panel to be accessed programmatically. The GetPanelByVisibleIndex method gets a client panel object specified by its visible index. A panel’s visible index is defined by the ASPxDockPanel.VisibleIndex property, and can be obtained on the client side using the ASPxClientDockPanel.GetVisibleIndex method.

This method searches the specified panel amongst all panels contained in the current zone. Note that if an invalid visible index is passed via the parameter, this method returns null.

In order to access a panel specified by its unique identifier within a zone, the zone’s ASPxClientDockZone.GetPanelByUID method can be used.

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