ASPxClientDockPanel.panelUID Property

Gets or sets the unique identifier of a panel on a page.


panelUID: string

Property Value

Type Description

A string that is the unique identifier of a panel.


The panelUID property specifies the unique identifier for the current panel. By default, the panelUID property is set to the control’s ID property value.

This property can be used to obtain a panel at runtime via the ASPxClientDockManager.GetPanelByUID and ASPxClientDockZone.GetPanelByUID methods on the client side.


<dx:ASPxDockManager ID="MyASPxDockManager" runat="server">
          AfterDock="function(s, e) {e.panel.SetHeaderText( + ' - ' + e.panel.panelUID);}" 
          AfterFloat="function(s, e) {e.panel.SetHeaderText(e.panel.panelUID);}" />
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