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ASPxClientDockZone.GetPanels Method

Returns an array of panels that are docked in the current zone and meet a specified criteria.


GetPanels(filterPredicate?: ASPxClientDockingFilterPredicate): ASPxClientDockPanel[]

Optional Parameters

Name Type Default Description
filterPredicate ASPxClientDockingFilterPredicate null

An ASPxClientDockingFilterPredicate delegate that defines a set of criteria and determines whether a panel meets those criteria.


Type Description

An array of ASPxClientDockPanel objects.


Use the GetPanels method to access an array of panels docked in the current zone that meet the criteria defined in the filterPredicate delegate. You can get an array of all panels docked in the zone using the ASPxClientDockZone.GetPanels method, without any parameter.

To get an array of panels contained in a page, use the ASPxDockManager's ASPxClientDockManager.GetPanels methods.

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