ASPxClientDockPanel.GetVisibleIndex Method

Gets a value specifying the position of the current panel, amongst the visible panels within a zone.


GetVisibleIndex(): number


Type Description

An integer value specifying the zero-based index of the panel amongst visible panels in the zone.


Use the GetVisibleIndex method, to control where the panel is displayed amongst other panels in the same zone.

In order to specify the panel’s visual index, use the ASPxClientDockPanel.SetVisibleIndex method. The total number of panels in a particular zone can be obtained using the ASPxClientDockZone.GetPanelCount method of the corresponding zone. A particular visible panel can be obtained by its visible index, using the zone’s ASPxClientDockZone.GetPanelByVisibleIndex method.


The VisibleIndex property is in effect, provided that only the panel is visible and docked in a zone.

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