ASPxClientComboBox.GetSelectedItem Method

Returns the combo box editor's selected item.


GetSelectedItem(): ASPxClientListEditItem


Type Description

An ASPxClientListEditItem object that represents the selected item.


Use the GetSelectedItem method to obtain the selected item within the editor's dropdown list. A null value indicates that no item is currently selected within the editor.


This example demonstrates how to show the current item image within the ASPxComboBox text. To accomplish this task, handle the client-side ASPxClientComboBox.SelectedIndexChanged event, and change the background image of the control's main HTML element. Also, you should set the ASPxComboBox.BackgroundImage.ImageUrl on the server side to synchronize the selected image. It is necessary to manually adjust the paddings and control height.

The complete sample project is available in the DevExpress Code Central database at E1317.

function SetComboBoxImage(s){
    var cbstyle =;
    cbstyle.backgroundImage = 'url('+(s.GetSelectedItem().imageUrl)+')';
    cbstyle.backgroundRepeat = "no-repeat";    
    cbstyle.backgroundPosition = "2px";
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