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VGridOptionsFilter Properties

Provides filtering options for the control.
Name Description
AllowFilter Gets or sets whether end-users can filter data using the filter dropdowns.
AllowFilterEditor Gets or sets whether the filter editor (invoked form the filter panel) can be used to build complex filter criteria.
AllowMRUFilterList Gets or sets whether the filter panel displays the list of most recently used filters.
DefaultFilterEditorView Gets or sets whether complex filter conditions in the filter editor (invoked from the filter panel) are built using a visual constructor, or written as plain text according to filter criteria syntax.
FilterEditorAggregateEditing Gets or sets whether filters can be created against properties that are List objects.
FilterEditorAllowCustomExpressions Gets or sets whether the Filter Editor allows you to display, create and edit custom expressions—expressions that cannot be converted to Filter Editor nodes.
FilterEditorUseMenuForOperandsAndOperators Gets or sets whether to use a pop-up menu instead of a combo box that supports the incremental search to edit operators and operands in the Filter Editor.
MRUFilterListCount Gets or sets the MRU Filter List capacity.
MRUFilterListPopupCount Gets or sets the number of filters displayed simultaneously in the filter panel‘s MRU filter list.
ShowAllValuesInFilterPopup Gets or sets whether the filter dropdown for a particular column shows all values available in the data source for this column, or only values that fit the filters already applied to data in other columns.
ShowCustomFunctions Gets or sets whether to show custom function-based filters.
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