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MultiEditorRowPropertiesCollection.Item[String] Property

Gets a row item from the MultiEditorRow.PropertiesCollection by the bound field name.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraVerticalGrid.Rows

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraVerticalGrid.v24.1.dll


public MultiEditorRowProperties this[string fFieldName] { get; }


Name Type Description
fFieldName String

A string value specifying the name of the data field to which a row item is bound.

Property Value

Type Description

A MultiEditorRowProperties object or descendant representing a row item bound to a field with the required name. null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if there are no row items bound to the specified field.


Use this property to obtain a specific row item representing an individual row properties object for a multi-editor row from the row’s MultiEditorRow.PropertiesCollection. A row item is specified by the name of the data field to which it is bound.

This property gives you the ability to access a specific row item in the MultiEditorRow.PropertiesCollection by using the following syntax:


When searching the parameter value is compared with the RowProperties.FieldName property of row item objects from the collection. If no matches are found, null (Nothing in Visual Basic) is returned.

If you need to access a row item specified by its index in the row item collection, you should use the overloaded variant of the MultiEditorRowPropertiesCollection.Item property, which accepts the item index as a parameter.

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