XtraSchedulerReport.CreateDocument(Boolean) Method

Creates a document so that it can be displayed or printed. Optionally, the document pages can be generated progressively and accessed as soon as they are created. Document creation is always synchronous and does not occur in a background thread.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.Reporting

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v20.2.Reporting.dll


public override void CreateDocument(
    bool buildForInstantPreview
Public Overrides Sub CreateDocument(
    buildForInstantPreview As Boolean


Name Type Description
buildForInstantPreview Boolean

true to enable accessing document pages progressively as they are created; otherwise false.


This method calls the XtraReport.CreateDocument method of the base class.


If the buildForInstantPreview parameter is set to true, document pages can be accessed progressively as they are created. In Print Preview, this enables you to start viewing the document as soon as its first page is ready. Remaining pages are progressively rendered in Print Preview.

Regardless of this parameter setting, a document will not be produced in a background thread. Document creation is not asynchronous, as parts of a document are rendered each time the Idle event is raised (in the WPF environment, a document is created using ticks from the DispatcherTimer class).

When this option is enabled, document creation can be interrupted by calling the XtraReport.StopPageBuilding method.

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