DXGoogleCalendarSync Events

A component that provides synchronization between a SchedulerControl and a Google Calendar. See Google Calendars for more details.
Name Description
AppointmentValuesRequested Raises when the DXGoogleCalendarSync should copy Scheduler Appointment data into a corresponding Google Calendar Event.
CompareEventAndAppointment Allows you to manually compare a Google Event with its paired Scheduler Appointment, and decide whether these objects are equal.
ConflictDetected Raises when the DXGoogleCalendarSync component is uncertain whether it should copy Scheduler Appointment data to a corresponding Google Event, or vice versa.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
EventValuesRequested Raises when the DXGoogleCalendarSync should copy Google Calendar Event data into a corresponding Scheduler Appointment.
FilterAppointments Allows you to skip certain Scheduler Appointments and\or Google Calendar Events during synchronization.
OnException Raises when a critical synchronization error occurs.
ProgressChanged Repeatedly occurs as the synchronization process makes noticeable progress. Allows you to track the progress and update UI elements (e.g., a ProgressBarControl accordingly).
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