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SchedulerViewInfoBase Properties

Serves as a base for classes which provide view information for a selected element within a scheduler.
Name Description
AppointmentAutoHeight Gets or sets whether an appointment should change its height automatically for the current view.
AppointmentDisplayOptions Provides access to the appointment’s display options.
AppointmentHeight Gets or sets the height of a single appointment for the current View (in pixels).
Bounds Gets the bounds contained in the view information.
CellContainers Provides access to visible time cells in the current View.
GroupSeparators Gets the group separators settings.
MoreButtons Gets the collection of all More Buttons shown in the current scheduler view.
NavigationButtons Provides access to the Navigation Buttons collection of the current view.
PaintAppearance Gets the appearance settings applied to the current scheduler view.
Painter Gets an object that provides the painting functionality of the scheduler control’s Views.
ResourceHeaders Gets the resource headers currently shown in the current scheduler view.
ScrollOffset To be overridden in a derived class to provide the scroll offset of the View’s content.
View Gets the current scheduler view.
VisibleIntervals Gets the visible intervals of the current view.
VisibleResources Gets a collection of visible resources for the current view.
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