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BaseView Events

Serves as the base for objects representing Views in a grid control.
Name Description
BeforeLoadLayout Occurs before a layout is restored from storage (a stream, xml file or the system registry).
Click Occurs when a View is clicked.
DataSourceChanged Occurs when the data source of the current View changes.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
DoubleClick Occurs when a View is double-clicked.
GotFocus Occurs when a View receives focus.
InvalidValueException Enables you to provide a proper response to entering an invalid cell value.
KeyDown Fires when a user presses a key while the View has focus.
KeyPress Fires when a character key is pressed while the View has focus.
KeyUp Occurs when releasing the pressed key.
Layout Fires immediately after a View’s layout has been changed.
LayoutUpgrade Occurs when a layout is restored from storage (a stream, xml file or system registry) and its version differs from the version of the current View’s layout.
LostFocus Occurs when a View loses focus.
MouseDown Occurs when the mouse pointer is over a View and a mouse button is pressed.
MouseEnter Occurs when the mouse pointer enters the View.
MouseLeave Occurs when the mouse pointer leaves the View.
MouseMove Occurs when the mouse pointer moves over a View.
MouseUp Occurs when the mouse button is released if it was pressed within a View.
MouseWheel Occurs when the mouse wheel is moved while a View has focus.
PaintStyleChanged Fires after the View’s paint style has changed.
PrintExportCompleted Allows you to determine whether the view data was printed or exported without errors.
PrintExportProgress Fires repeatedly while the View’s data is being printed/exported.
PrintInitialize Allows you to customize general print/export settings when the View is about to be printed/exported.
PropertyDeserializing Allows you to restore certain settings previously saved in the layout.
PropertySerializing Allows you to include certain settings in the layout when you save it.
RowCountChanged Occurs when the number of visible records is changed within a View.
ValidatingEditor Fires when a user edits a row cell value and attempts to select another cell. Handle this event to check whether this new value is valid, and if not, choose the required behavior (discard edits, show a warning message, ignore errors, or keep the focus on this cell until a user enters valid values). This event allows you to track edits made in the Edit Form.
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