GroupSummarySortInfoCollection.Add(GridSummaryItem, ColumnSortOrder, GridColumn) Method

Initializes a new instance of the GroupSummarySortInfo class with the specified parameters and appends it to the collection.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraGrid.Columns

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGrid.v21.1.dll


public GroupSummarySortInfo Add(
    GridSummaryItem summary,
    ColumnSortOrder sortOrder,
    GridColumn groupColumn


Name Type Description
summary GridSummaryItem

A GridSummaryItem object representing a summary item used to calculate summary values for groups of rows. If null (Nothing in Visual Basic) an exception is raised.

sortOrder ColumnSortOrder

A ColumnSortOrder enumeration value specifying the sort order.

groupColumn GridColumn

A GridColumn object which defines the nesting level of the group whose rows will be sorted by the summary values.


Type Description

The GroupSummarySortInfo object added to the collection. null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the View is not grouped by the specified column’s values.

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