BaseGallery.ItemCheckMode Property

Gets or sets whether item checking (selection) is enabled, and how the items can be checked (selected).

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars.Ribbon.Gallery

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v20.1.dll


public virtual ItemCheckMode ItemCheckMode { get; set; }
Public Overridable Property ItemCheckMode As ItemCheckMode

Property Value

Type Default Description


A ItemCheckMode value.


The ItemCheckMode property allows the item checking feature to be enabled. If this property is set to None, automatic item checking is disabled.

When the checking feature is activated, items are automatically checked/selected on clicking them. In specific modes, multiple items can be checked simultaneously, by clicking them while holding the CTRL or SHIFT key.

Whenever an item's check state (GalleryItem.Checked) is changed, the BaseGallery.ItemCheckedChanged event fires. To get all checked items, use the BaseGallery.GetCheckedItems method.

If you need to implement manual item checking, set the ItemCheckMode property to None, and handle the BaseGallery.ItemClick event. In this event, you can manipulate an item's check state via the GalleryItem.Checked property.

To allow items to be checked (selected) by mouse dragging, use BaseGallery.AllowMarqueeSelection.

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