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BaseGallery Events

Represents a base class for galleries.
Name Description
CustomDrawEmptyBackground Allows you to manually paint the background of this Gallery when it has no items.
CustomDrawItemImage Enables the Gallery item’s image to be painted manually.
CustomDrawItemText Enables the Gallery item’s text to be painted manually.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
EndScroll Fires after gallery scrolling stops.
FilterMenuItemClick Fires when a standard item of a gallery’s Group Filter menu is clicked.
FilterMenuPopup Fires when an end-user invokes the Group Filter menu.
GalleryItemHover Fires when the mouse pointer hovers over a Gallery item.
GalleryItemLeave Fires when the mouse pointer leaves a Gallery item.
GetLoadingImage Allows you to set the custom loading indicator.
GetThumbnailImage Occurs each time the gallery needs to display an item whose image is loaded asynchronously.
ItemCheckedChanged Fires whenever an item’s check (selected) state is changed.
ItemClick Fires when a Gallery item is clicked.
ItemDoubleClick Fires after a gallery item has been double-clicked.
MarqueeSelectionCompleted Fires when a user has finished selecting gallery items using marquee selection.
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