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UserLookAndFeel Properties

Represents look and feel settings for controls provided by DevExpress.
Name Description
ActiveLookAndFeel Gets the actual UserLookAndFeel object currently applied.
ActiveSkinName Gets the name of the currently applied skin.
ActiveStyle Gets the style currently applied.
ActiveSvgPaletteName Returns the name of the currently applied swatch.
CompactUIMode This method supports internal infrastructure and is not intended for use in code.
CompactUIModeForced Returns whether the application is currently in Compact UI Mode. The return value depends on both the WindowsFormsSettings.CompactUIMode property and the currently applied skin (for instance, the WXI Compact skin forces the Compact UI Mode).
Default static Gets the Default LookAndFeel object to use for controls when the UserLookAndFeel.UseDefaultLookAndFeel property is set to true.
IsColorized Gets whether the UserLookAndFeel.SkinMaskColor or UserLookAndFeel.SkinMaskColor2 property is specified for the current UserLookAndFeel object.
IsLookAndFeelHierarchyRoot This member supports the internal infrastructure, and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
OwnerControl Gets the control that owns the current UserLookAndFeel object.
Painter Gets the painter based on the style currently applied for drawing control’s elements.
ParentLookAndFeel Gets or sets the parent LookAndFeel.
SkinMaskColor Gets or sets a custom hue applied to some skin elements.
SkinMaskColor2 Gets or sets the second custom hue, typically applied to some skin elements when they are highlighted/hovered.
SkinName Gets or sets the name of a skin style.
Style Gets or sets the style of the current UserLookAndFeel object.
TouchUIParent This member supports the internal infrastructure, and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
UseDefaultLookAndFeel Gets or sets whether the current object’s settings are in effect.
UseWindows7Border Gets or sets whether borders of TextEdit controls are painted in the same manner as borders of standard text editors built into Microsoft Windows 7. This property is in effect if the current OS is Windows 7 and the DevExpress XP paint theme is applied.
UseWindowsXPTheme Gets or sets whether controls should be painted using the native Windows theme.
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