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QueryBuilderEditQueryContext Properties

Specifies the Query Builder options when using it in a standalone mode.
Name Description
ConnectionProviderService Specifies an object that enables the data connection’s serialization.
CustomQueryValidator Provides access to a custom SQL query validator.
DBSchemaProvider Specifies a database schema provider for the Query Builder.
DisplayNameProvider Specifies a provider of display names to data fields in the Query Builder dialog.
EnableCustomSql Specifies whether or not the Query Builder allows end-users to create and execute custom SQL queries.
ExpressionEditorContext Specifies the object enabling customization of the Expression Editor.
LegacyExpressionEditor Enables a user to switch to an older version of the Expression Editor that does not support intelligent code completion.
ParameterService Provides access to the service for managing report parameters.
PropertyGridServices Specifies an object that provides a service functionality to the Property Grid.
QueryBuilderLight Specifies whether or not the Query Builder enables end-users to specify custom SQL queries, column aliases and expressions.
QueryBuilderTreeListView Enables a table-like interface for selecting fields in the Query Builder (instead of a diagram-based control).
RepositoryItemsProvider Specifies an object that provides repository items for editing query parameters.
ResultSchemaProvider Specifies the provider of a data source result schema.
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