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Group Header

Group headers display information about the corresponding group’s content. Commonly, a group header can show the group caption and the group image. Group headers enable end-users to expand and collapse groups. When a Side Bar View or the Navigation Pane View is used, end-users can click anywhere in the group header to expand the corresponding group. When an Explorer Bar View is used, groups can be expanded by end-users by clicking on the group expand buttons, located within group headers.

When the Navigation Pane View is applied, the expand button displayed within the active group header allows end-users to expand/collapse the Navigation Pane.


The table below lists the main members which affect the element’s content, appearance and functionality:

Characteristics Members
Content NavBarGroup.Header
Image NavBarGroup.ImageSource
Styles NavBarViewBase.GroupVisualStyle, NavBarGroup.VisualStyle, NavBarGroup.ActualVisualStyle
Display Mode NavBarViewBase.DisplayMode
Image and Text Layout NavBarViewBase.LayoutSettings, NavBarViewBase.ImageSettings
Templates NavBarViewBase.HeaderTemplate, NavBarViewBase.HeaderTemplateSelector;NavBarGroup.HeaderTemplate, NavBarGroup.HeaderTemplateSelector
Events ExplorerBarView.GroupExpandedChanging, ExplorerBarView.GroupExpandedChanged;NavBarViewBase.ActiveGroupChanging, NavBarViewBase.ActiveGroupChanged