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Expanded Navigation Pane

The behavior and appearance of the expanded Navigation Pane is similar to the Navigation Pane found in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Only one group’s content can be visible at a time. End-users can activate a group by clicking its header. The Navigation Pane can be collapsed/expanded by a click on the header section’s expand button, in the same manner as the Navigation Pane in Microsoft Office® 2007.


The table below lists the main members which affect the element’s specific characteristics:

Characteristics Members
Availability of Elements NavigationPaneView.IsExpandButtonVisible, NavigationPaneView.IsSplitterVisible, NavigationPaneView.IsOverflowPanelVisible
Layout NavigationPaneView.ActiveGroupMinHeight, NavigationPaneView.MaxVisibleGroupCount, NavigationPaneView.ExpandButtonMode, NavigationPaneView.ExpandedWidth
Commands NavigationPaneCommands.ChangeNavPaneExpanded,NavigationPaneCommands.ShowFewerGroups, NavigationPaneCommands.ShowMoreGroups