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Visual Elements

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This section enumerates all Navigation Bar visual elements. Each document contains a detailed description for the related element and a list of properties, methods and events that affect this element.

Group Elements

WPF - NavBar - VE - Groups

Contains visual elements displayed by navigation bar groups.

  • Group Header

    Displays information about the corresponding group’s content. Can show the group caption and group image.

  • Group Header Image

    An image within the group header that helps end-users visually differentiate groups.

  • Group Expand Button

    Buttons that allow end-users to expand and collapse groups. Displayed only for the Explorer Bar View.

Item Elements

WPF - NavBar - VE - Items

Contains visual elements displayed by navigation bar items.

  • Item

    Items are clickable elements that can display an image and any content (typically, a text string).

  • Item Image

    An icon displayed by a Navigation Bar item.

Common View Elements

WPF - NavBar - VE - Common

Contains visual elements that can be displayed by any navigation bar view.

  • Scroll Buttons

    Buttons that scroll the Navigation Bar itself or its currently expanded group.

WPF - NavBar - VE - NavPane

Enumerates visual elements provided specifically by the Navigation Pane View.