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If enabled, the indicator is displayed at the left of a grid View. Cells divide the indicator into the following parts:

The band header indicator and column header indicator can contain the Quick Column Customization button and Quick Band Customization button, respectively.

Row indicator cells display the state of corresponding rows. Additionally, these cells can be used to expand/collapse master and group rows and their edges can be used to resize rows, if allowed.

Feature Related Members
Visibility The View’s OptionsView.Indicator property.
Appearance The indicator’s look and feel depends on the grid control’s LookAndFeel property settings. The style and background bitmap can be changed using the View’s Styles.Indicator and BackgroundBitmaps.Indicator properties.
Custom Draw Handle the View’s OnCustomDrawIndicatorCell event. The event’s AViewInfo parameter can be of the TcxGridIndicatorHeaderItemViewInfo, TcxGridIndicatorRowItemViewInfo or TcxGridIndicatorFooterItemViewInfo type depending on which indicator cell is about to be painted.
Layout The indicator’s width can be changed using the View’s OptionsView.IndicatorWidth property.