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PdfEncryptionOptions Properties

Contains settings to protect a PDF document with a password and user permissions.
Name Description
Algorithm Specifies an algorithm to encrypt a PDF document.
DataExtractionPermissions Specifies the permissions on data extraction operations.
InteractivityPermissions Specifies the permissions on interaction operations.
ModificationPermissions Specifies the permissions on document modification operations.
OwnerPassword Obsolete. This property is now obsolete. To specify an owner password, use the PdfEncryptionOptions.OwnerPasswordString property instead.
OwnerPasswordString Specifies an owner password that is used to allow full access to a document.
PrintingPermissions Specifies the permissions on printing operations.
UserPassword Obsolete. This property is now obsolete. To specify a user password, use the PdfEncryptionOptions.UserPasswordString property instead.
UserPasswordString Specifies a user password that is used to protect opening the document.
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