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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

PdfTimeStamp Class

Allows you to generate document-level timestamps.

Namespace: DevExpress.Pdf

Assembly: DevExpress.Pdf.v23.1.Core.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Pdf.Core


public class PdfTimeStamp :


The PdfTimeStamp is the default IExternalSigner interface implementation. Use this class to generate document-level timestamps.

The TsaClient class allows you to specify the timestamp client. You can create an ITsaClient implementation to use your own timestamp client.

The code sample below creates a document-level timestamp and applies it to a signature form field. The FreeTSA server is used for demonstration purposes as a free trusted TSA client. You may wish to use another client as required.

using DevExpress.Pdf;
using DevExpress.Office.DigitalSignatures;
using DevExpress.Office.Tsp;

using (var signer = new PdfDocumentSigner("Document.pdf"))
    // Create a timestamp:
    ITsaClient tsaClient = new TsaClient(new Uri(@""), HashAlgorithmType.SHA256);

    // Create a new signature form field:
    var signatureFieldInfo1 = new PdfSignatureFieldInfo(1);
    signatureFieldInfo1.Name = "SignatureField1";
    signatureFieldInfo1.SignatureBounds = new PdfRectangle(200, 200, 250, 250);

    // Create a document-level timestamp:
    PdfTimeStamp pdfTimeStamp = new PdfTimeStamp(tsaClient);

    // Apply this timestamp to the form field:
    var timeStampSignature = new PdfSignatureBuilder(pdfTimeStamp, signatureFieldInfo1);

    // Sign and save the document:
    signer.SaveDocument("SignedDocument.pdf", timeStampSignature);



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