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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

PdfDestination Class

The base class for destinations – references to a page with specific view parameters.

Namespace: DevExpress.Pdf

Assembly: DevExpress.Pdf.v22.1.Core.dll


public abstract class PdfDestination :


A destination includes the following view parameters:

  • The displayed document page
  • The location of the document window on this page
  • The magnification (zoom factor)

The table below lists available destinations and API used to create each type.

Destination View Parameters Class Method
FitB Fit the page’s bounding box into the document window. PdfFitBBoxDestination PdfPageFacade.CreateFitBBoxDestination
FitBH Fit the page’s bounding box into the document window horizontally. PdfFitBBoxHorizontallyDestination PdfPageFacade.CreateFitBBoxHorizontallyDestination
FitBV Fit the page’s bounding box into the document window vertically. PdfFitBBoxVerticallyDestination PdfPageFacade.CreateFitBBoxVerticallyDestination
Fit Fit the entire page into the document window. PdfFitDestination PdfPageFacade.CreateFitDestination
FitH Fit the entire page into the document window horizontally. PdfFitHorizontallyDestination PdfPageFacade.CreateFitHorizontallyDestination
FitV Fit the entire page into the document window vertically. PdfFitVerticallyDestination PdfPageFacade.CreateFitVerticallyDestination
FitR Display the specified page area in the document window. PdfFitRectangleDestination PdfPageFacade.CreateFitRectangleDestination
XYZ Position the specified page coordinate at the top left corner of the document window and specify the zoom factor. PdfXYZDestination PdfPageFacade.CreateXYZDestination

Use the PdfBookmark.Destination property to associate a bookmark with a destination. To create a link annotation associated with a destination, call the PdfPageFacade.AddLinkAnnotation method and pass a PdfDestination descendant object as a parameter. You can associate multiple bookmarks and link annotations with a destination.

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