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PdfEncryptionOptions.InteractivityPermissions Property

Specifies the permissions on interaction operations.

Namespace: DevExpress.Pdf

Assembly: DevExpress.Pdf.v24.1.Core.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Pdf.Core


public PdfDocumentInteractivityPermissions InteractivityPermissions { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Description

A PdfDocumentInteractivityPermissions enumeration value.

Available values:

Name Description

Prohibit all interactive operations (adding or modifying text annotations, filling in interactive form fields, and creating or modifying interactive form fields) in the PDF document.


Prohibit interactive operations in the PDF document except filling existing form fields and document signing.


Permit interactive operations (adding or modifying text annotations, filling in interactive form fields, and creating or modifying interactive form fields) in the PDF document.

Property Paths

You can access this nested property as listed below:

Object Type Path to InteractivityPermissions
.EncryptionOptions .InteractivityPermissions


This property can be set to the one of the following values: PdfDocumentInteractivityPermissions.Allowed, PdfDocumentInteractivityPermissions.FormFillingAndSigning and PdfDocumentInteractivityPermissions.NotAllowed.

To restrict interaction operations with a PDF document, create a PdfEncryptionOptions object using the PdfSaveOptions.EncryptionOptions property and specify the owner password using the PdfEncryptionOptions.OwnerPasswordString property, and interaction permissions using the InteractivityPermissions property.

The owner password allows a user to have full access to a document.


The restrictions on data extraction, data modification, interactive, or printing operations with a PDF document can’t be applied without the owner password.

For more information, see the Document Protection topic.


This example shows how a PDF document can be protected using both the owner and user passwords.

Refer to the following topic fro more information: Document Protection

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using DevExpress.Pdf;

namespace PDFPasswordProtection
  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)

      using (PdfDocumentProcessor pdfDocumentProcessor = new PdfDocumentProcessor()) {

        // Load a PDF document.

        // Specify printing, data extraction, modification, and interactivity permissions. 
        PdfEncryptionOptions encryptionOptions = new PdfEncryptionOptions();
        encryptionOptions.PrintingPermissions = PdfDocumentPrintingPermissions.Allowed;
        encryptionOptions.DataExtractionPermissions = PdfDocumentDataExtractionPermissions.NotAllowed;
        encryptionOptions.ModificationPermissions = PdfDocumentModificationPermissions.DocumentAssembling;
        encryptionOptions.InteractivityPermissions = PdfDocumentInteractivityPermissions.Allowed;

        // Specify the owner and user passwords for the document.  
        encryptionOptions.OwnerPasswordString = "OwnerPassword";
        encryptionOptions.UserPasswordString = "UserPassword";

        // Specify the 256-bit AES encryption algorithm.
         encryptionOptions.Algorithm = PdfEncryptionAlgorithm.AES256;

        // Save the protected document with encryption settings.  
        pdfDocumentProcessor.SaveDocument("..\\..\\ProtectedDocument.pdf", new PdfSaveOptions() { EncryptionOptions = encryptionOptions });

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