.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+

PdfDocumentProcessor.CreateGraphics() Method

Creates a new instance of the PdfGraphics used to draw graphics on a PDF document.

Namespace: DevExpress.Pdf

Assembly: DevExpress.Docs.v20.2.dll


public PdfGraphics CreateGraphics()
Public Function CreateGraphics As PdfGraphics


Type Description

A PdfGraphics object used as a drawing context.


Call this method to create a PdfGraphics instance used to create an image (PdfGraphics.DrawImage), text (PdfGraphics.DrawString) and graphic elements on a document.

Call one of the PdfDocumentProcessor.RenderNewPage overload methods with the specified paper size and created graphics to add graphic content to a new PDF page.

Call the PdfGraphics.AddToPageForeground and PdfGraphics.AddToPageBackground methods to add graphics to an existing document.

Refer to the PDF Graphics section for more information on PDF graphics.


using DevExpress.Pdf;
using System;
using System.Drawing;

namespace DocumentCreationAPI
    class Program {

        static void Main(string[] args)

            using (PdfDocumentProcessor processor = new PdfDocumentProcessor())

                // Create an empty document.

                // Create and draw PDF graphics.
                using (PdfGraphics graph = processor.CreateGraphics())

                    // Render a page with graphics.
                    processor.RenderNewPage(PdfPaperSize.Letter, graph);

        static void DrawGraphics(PdfGraphics graph)

            // Draw text lines on the page. 
            SolidBrush black = (SolidBrush)Brushes.Black;
            using (Font font1 = new Font("Times New Roman", 32, FontStyle.Bold))
                graph.DrawString("PDF Document Processor", font1, black, 180, 150);
            using (Font font2 = new Font("Arial", 20)) {
                graph.DrawString("Display, Print and Export PDF Documents", font2, black, 168, 230);
            using (Font font3 = new Font("Arial", 10)) {
                graph.DrawString("The PDF Document Processor is a non-visual component " +
                                  "that provides the application programming interface of the PDF Viewer.", font3, black, 16, 300);
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