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PdfDocumentProcessor Properties

A non-visual component that allows you to generate PDF files from scratch and manipulate existing documents.
Name Description
DataRecognitionCacheSize Gets or sets the cache size (in pages) for data recognition.
Document Provides access to a PdfDocument class, which represents the current document.
DocumentFacade Retrieves a document facade - a set of methods used to perform various operations on PDF document without access to its inner structure.
ImageCacheSize Specifies the size of the image cache (in megabytes).
MaxPrintingDpi Specifies the maximum value of the PdfPrinterSettings.PrintingDpi property.
PasswordAttemptsLimit Specifies the maximum number of allowed attempts to enter the PDF file’s security password.
RenderingEngine Specifies the engine used to render page content.
RenderPageContentWithDirectX Obsolete. Gets or sets whether to render page content with DirectX.
ShowImagePlaceholder Obsolete. Gets or sets a value which indicates whether to show placeholders for images in unsupported image formats.
Text Provides access to the PDF text.
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