TimeIntervalCollection Properties

A collection of time intervals.
Name Description
Capacity Gets or sets the number of elements that the DXCollectionBase<T> can contain. Inherited from DXCollectionBase<T>.
Count Gets the number of elements contained in the DXCollectionBase<T> instance. Inherited from DXCollectionBase<T>.
Duration Returns the difference between the earliest and the latest time of the intervals in a time interval collection.
End Gets the end date time of the time interval which finishes last in the TimeIntervalCollection.
Interval Returns a TimeInterval object representing a time span of the time interval collection.
IsUpdateLocked Gets whether the collection has been locked for updating. Inherited from NotificationCollection<T>.
Item[Int32] Provides indexed access to individual items in the collection. Inherited from DXCollection<T>.
Start Gets the earliest start date time from all the time intervals in the TimeIntervalCollection.
UniquenessProviderType Gets or sets the type of an object, which provides uniqueness for the current DXCollectionBase<T>. Inherited from DXCollectionBase<T>.
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