RecurrenceInfo Properties

Contains a recurring appointment's reoccurrence information.
Name Description
AllDay This property is obsolete and remains for backward compatibility.
DayNumber Gets or sets the ordinal number of a day within a defined month.
DeferChangingToEndUpdate This member supports the internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code. Inherited from PersistentObject.
Duration Gets or sets the recurrence's duration.
End Gets or sets the recurrence's end date.
FirstDayOfWeek Gets or sets the day which will be the first day of the week used for calculating occurrences.
Id Gets a persistent object identifier previously retrieved from an external database or set at runtime. Inherited from PersistentObject.
IsDisposed Gets whether the current object has been disposed of. Inherited from PersistentObject.
IsUpdateLocked Gets whether the persistent object is locked while it is being updated. Inherited from PersistentObject.
Month Gets or sets the month on which the corresponding appointment reoccurs.
OccurrenceCount Gets or sets how many times the appointment occurs.
Periodicity Gets or sets the frequency with which the corresponding appointment reoccurs, with respect to the RecurrenceInfo.Type property.
Range Gets or sets the type of the recurrence range.
RowHandle Gets or sets a value that identifies the data row bound to the persistent object. Inherited from PersistentObject.
Start Gets or sets the recurrence's start date.
TimeZoneId Gets or sets the time zone identifier of the recurrence pattern.
Type Gets or sets the time base for the frequency of the corresponding appointment's reoccurrences.
WeekDays Gets or sets the day/days in a week on which the appointment occurs.
WeekOfMonth Gets or sets the occurrence number of the week in a month for the recurrence pattern.
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