PersistentObject.IsUpdateLocked Property

Gets whether the persistent object is locked while it is being updated.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraScheduler

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v21.2.Core.dll


public bool IsUpdateLocked { get; }

Property Value

Type Description

true if the persistent object is locked; otherwise, false.


The PersistentObject.BeginUpdate and PersistentObject.EndUpdate methods use an internal counter to implement the appropriate functionality. The counter’s initial value is 0. The BeginUpdate method increments the counter. EndUpdate decrements the counter and if its new value is zero, change notifications are enabled. Note that each call to BeginUpdate must be paired with a call to EndUpdate. If a call to BeginUpdate is made but without a call to EndUpdate afterwards or it’s not called because an exception occurred, the persistent object will no longer be updated. To ensure that EndUpdate is always called even if an exception occurs, use a try…finally statement.

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