IPersistentObject.GetRow(ISchedulerStorageBase) Method

Provides access to the data record for the persistent object.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraScheduler

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v21.2.Core.dll


object GetRow(
    ISchedulerStorageBase storage


Name Type Description
storage ISchedulerStorageBase

A SchedulerStorage instance that provides an object with data.


Type Description

A data row object that contains current object data. ((DataRowView instance if Microsoft OLE DB provider is used to connect the Scheduler to the data source).


Each persistent object (appointment or resource) is stored in a specific storage object (whose base type is PersistentObjectStorage<T>) that can either be used in unbound mode or be bound to a data source via its PersistentObjectStorage<T>.DataSource property. When in bound mode, the GetRow method can be used to obtain the data source’s data row which contains information describing the current persistent object. The storage parameter of this method specifies the scheduler storage control to which the PersistentObjectStorage containing the current persistent object belongs.

If the Scheduler is bound to a collection of objects, the GetRow returns the object from the collection. If the Microsoft OLE DB provider is used to connect the Scheduler to the data source, the DataRowView is returned.

The GetRow method, together with the IPersistentObject.GetValue and the IPersistentObject.SetValue methods can be used in place of the IPersistentObject.CustomFields to maintain additional information about a persistent object. In this case, the information is stored directly within fields of the data source object.

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