AppointmentDisplayOptions Properties

Serves as the base for classes which provide options to define how appointments are displayed when a particular view is currently active.
Name Description
AppointmentAutoHeight Gets or sets whether an appointment should change its height to fit the text to display.
AppointmentHeight Gets or sets the height of a single appointment for the current View (in pixels).
AutoAdjustForeColor Gets or sets whether or not appointments should automatically change forecolors in case they blend in with appointment backgrounds.
ContinueArrowDisplayType Specifies the type of indicator used to point out that the appointment extends beyond the visible date range.
EndTimeVisibility Specifies whether the end time should be visible for the appointment.
ShowRecurrence Specify whether the recurrence symbol should be displayed for the recurrent appointment.
ShowReminder Specify whether the reminder symbol should be displayed for an appointment with a reminder.
SnapToCells Obsolete. Specifies whether the appointment should snap to cell borders.
SnapToCellsMode Gets or sets the method of snapping appointments to time cells.
StartTimeVisibility Specifies whether the start time should be visible for the appointment.
StatusDisplayType Specifies whether to display a status line and whether to fill the status line to indicate appointment status and duration.
TimeDisplayType Specifies how the start and end time of the appointment should be displayed - using symbols or digits.
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