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ASPxClientTrackBar.SetPosition(position) Method

Specifies a drag handle position.


    position: number
): void


Name Type Description
position number

A value that specifies the position.


Use the SetPosition method to specify the position of the drag handle. If the ASPxTrackBar.AllowRangeSelection property is set to true, a track bar displays two drag handles to support the value range selection. In this case, use the ASPxClientTrackBar.SetPositionStart and ASPxClientTrackBar.SetPositionEnd methods to specify the position of main and secondary handles respectively.

To get the position of a drag handle, use the ASPxClientTrackBar.GetPosition method.

If the ASPxTrackBar.Items collection is specified, the drag handle position is a zero-based index of an item where the drag handle is placed. If the Items collection is empty, the drag handle position is equal to the item’s TrackBarItem.Value property.

The available range of values for the SetPosition method is determined by the ASPxTrackBar.MinValue and ASPxTrackBar.MaxValue property values.

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