ASPxClientGridViewBatchEditApi.GetCellTextContainer(visibleIndex, columnFieldNameOrId) Method

Gets a container holding a data cell content.


GetCellTextContainer(visibleIndex: number, columnFieldNameOrId: string): any


Name Type Description
visibleIndex number

An integer value that is the visible index.

columnFieldNameOrId string

A string value that is the column's Field Name or ID.


Type Description

A HTML container element that contains the data cell's content.


Use the GetCellTextContainer method that allows you to get an HTML element in the DOM tree where the data cell content is located.

To specify whether a data item template should be overwritten in a data cell when its editing is completed, use the GridBatchEditSettings.AllowRegularDataItemTemplate property.


This example demonstrates how to use the GetCellTextContainer method.

function GetControl(visibleIndex, column) {
    return ASPx.GetControlCollection().GetControlsByPredicate(function (c) {
        var parent = grid.batchEditApi.GetCellTextContainer(visibleIndex, column);
        return ASPx.GetIsParent(parent, c.GetMainElement());
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